Recently, my Mother left a book on my desk that after reading, I really wanted to share with you all. This book is called, Write It Down, Make it Happen. When I first picked it up, I thought it was going to be like other Law of Attraction books I had read before. However, to my surprise it had a lot of information about writing and setting and achieving goals. A lot of the things covered in this book resonated with me as a blogger. If you are a blogger yourself, a writer,  or simply someone who wants to advance in their careers or their lives in general, I recommend you read this book.

First a little background information. Write It Down, Make It Happen was written by Henriette Anne Klauser, who is the author of other popular books such as Writing on Both Sides of The Brain. She gives presentations and leads workshops on setting goals, writing, and relationship building. Her main topic is obviously writing. She has covered many different techniques on how to write and how to work more efficiently.  Whether you are looking to bring out that novel you have stored away in your mind, or are looking to personally grow while using writing, she helps you develop the skills you need and apply them in your life.Write It Down, Make It Happen | Book Recommendation

As I was reading Write It Down, Make It Happen, I came across many techniques I could use not only to manifest my dreams, but that could actually help me improve my blogging. As a blogger, coming up with new and interesting topics to write about is especially important. A chapter that really helped me with this was one demonstrating ways on how to gather ideas. One of these ways is to have a tidbit journal. This is simply a small note pad in which you jot down images or phrases you see or hear throughout the day. Any number of things can become an inspiration to write a new article or to film a new video. Things that you might normally overlook might be what will bring in new traffic or help you write that amazing article you always wanted to write.

Klauser also covers what she calls Rapidwriting. Rapidwriting  is a form of getting ideas out on paper quickly and without stopping. You do this without judging yourself, criticizing your writing, or even correcting grammar. I found this very helpful because I oftentimes have trouble writing an article or blog post. No other reasons exists for this other than the fact that I am constantly judging what I write. Is it boring? Does it sound good? While worrying about these things, you stop your ideas from flowing freely and end up staring at a blank computer screen and that blinking cursor. I can honestly say this helped me out a lot and has given me more confidence to go on with my writing.

To those who are seeking a bit of help on how to set their goals and achieve each and every one of them, Write It Down, Make It Happen gives you step by step instructions on how to do just this. The author goes through the importance of writing down goals to commit to them and cement your intentions. If you don’t have set goals yet, you will be able to narrow down all of your ideas and focus only on those of importance. Remember, before worrying about how you are going to get there you need to have very clear where you want to go.

A problem we commonly face when trying to reach our goals is ourselves. Whether we are consciously sabotaging our own progress or not, we need to learn how to overcome this and come out more resilient on the other side.  This book shows us how writing down everything that comes to your head about your circumstance can lead you to discover new things about yourself.  What is it that is stopping you from taking the steps to reach your dream? What are you afraid of? You may find that negative things may have been subconsciously put there and are hindering you from moving forward. Writing can make these fears or doubts surface and once they are on paper, they are  out of your system. They no longer have a hold on you. You can now start thinking differently and find the solutions you were looking for.

These are only but a few of the tips that are covered in Write It Down, Make It Happen. The author has included so many simple and easy exercises that you can use to move forward towards your goals and achieve them. What I also loved about this book are the stories of real people who have seen their lives change in many ways thanks to these techniques. They not only serve as an example of each tip, but also an inspiration to get you started. If they can do it, you can do it too, right?

If you have not yet read this book, I suggest you pick up a copy yourself. Especially if you are a writer, I feel this will really help you. If you’re not, then pick it up anyway, because you might just find that bit of help you need in any areas of your life: work, love, family, etc. As for myself, I found my creativity spark while reading this book. I have taken many of the techniques mentioned and have started using them every day. They have given me a little push of confidence and a dose of believing that I will get to where I want to go.


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