I was wondering how I could write this post without sounding redundant. I have been to Ruidoso, New Mexico before, after all, and have written about it in the past. Whether it is the fresh air or the comfort a small village in the middle of the mountains brings, something always makes us go back. I honestly now have come to the conclusion that no matter how much you try to explain the feeling that nature evokes in you, you won’t be able to. At least not completely. Each person experiences Earth differently.

For example, as we drove along the winding road up the mountains I could feel the strength of nature. Dark clouds were covering the sky and I could see an endless sea of trees. The mountain seemed powerful, almost menacing. Then at night while I was stargazing I felt at home. Comfort and complete wonder and awe at the immensity of space. How I could be looking up at thousands of stars and even then, only be seeing a minuscule corner of the Universe. I felt tiny. But, at that moment my spirit also seemed infinite.

More than that I couldn’t explain to you everything I saw or experienced. Instead, I hope I manged to capture a little bit in these photos and video clips.

Ruidoso, New Mexico

Ruidoso, New Mexico 2


Ruidoso, New Mexico 3

Ruidoso, New Mexico 4


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  1. My parents were recently in Arizona. That part of the country is amazing. Just when you think it should look one way you find another gem! Thanks for the great read.

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