Recently, I became very interested in making my own journal from scratch. This means I did everything from binding the pages together to making its cover. I really wanted it to have and old book aesthetic so I tea stained all of the pages. . . one by one. . . all 100 of them . . .

That might sound tiring, but it was actually very fun to do! I really loved how the pages turned out and it gave me a lot of ideas on how to make vintage stationery to use at home.~ If you are also interested in doing this, here is an easy tutorial I made for aging paper with tea.

  • Paper (Weight and texture of your choice.)
  • Water
  • Tea Bag
  • Baking Dish
  • Paper Towels
  1. Prepare tea like you normally would for drinking. (In this video, I was staining quite a few pieces of paper, so I used 4 cups of water and a family size bag of black How to Tea Stain Paper | Aging Paper DIYtea. ) Let the tea cool completely before using. Then, pour into a baking dish large enough for the pieces of paper to lie in it completely flat.
  2. Submerge the paper one at a time into the tea making sure to cover it completely and leaving no dry places. Let one side of the paper soak for a few minutes, then turn the paper over to let the other side soak.
  3. Remove the paper from the dish and gently shake out the excess tea. Place paper on top of several layers of paper towels so that they absorb the extra water. Then transfer to a flat surface and let dry completely.
Tips for Staining Paper

When staining paper you can use whatever kind of paper you want, however, I do find that paper that is above 70lb. works best. If the paper is too thin, like computer paper for example, it might rip very easily or wrinkle too much.

The type of tea you use is also important. Different types of teas make different types of tints, so you should choose based on what look you are going for. In the video above, I show that I used black tea, raspberry tea, and green tea on separate sheets of paper. Out of all of these, I prefer black tea because it really gives you that classic vintage-old-book-paper type of color.

While you can soak several sheets of paper at the same time, I prefer to work with just one at a time. The tint is more even and also, it prevents any unwanted water stains.

How long you soak the paper is up to you. I usually leave the paper soaking anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes total. The longer you soak the paper, the darker the color of the tint will be.


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