Summer is here and I wanted to share with you a few songs that have been on my playlist this season. One way or another, I always end up putting these songs on repeat and make it a point to listen to them daily. They are just that good!

Florence + The Machine

Songs on Repeat

One of my recent obsessions in music is Florence + The Machine. The first time I came across Florence Welch was when I discovered the song Sweet Nothing. It immediately became one of my favorite songs. Although, it wasn’t until this year that I really started listening to Florence + The Machine as a whole. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this lady’s voice. She is an amazing vocalist! Her voice combined with very beautiful, powerful music always gives me this very uplifting yet nostalgic feeling. Which is why I can’t stop myself from replaying their songs.



Songs on Repeat

Another group that always makes my Summer playlist is Sistar. Each year, right in time for Summer, they come back with a new album, earning them the title of “Summer Queens”. Their songs are very bright and catchy, and always get me in a good mood. With this type of music, you really can’t stop yourself from dancing along!


Vixx LR

Songs on Repeat - Vixx LR

Just for good measure, I’m throwing this last song into the list. Yes, it’s actually very different from the songs previously mentioned, but it has so far been my #1 most played song on my phone. Vixx LR is the first sub-unit of the group VIXX and is made up of the lead vocal, Leo, and rapper, Ravi. In voice type, they are pretty much polar opposites, but when Beautiful Liar brought them together, amazing things happened.~ 😀


That’s it for this week’s playlist! If you want to listen to these songs yourself, click on the links provided and they’ll take you to their music videos. If you have any recommendations for me, please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear what songs you have on repeat or on your Summer playlist!


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