Today we woke up to a very heavy rainfall. Being the start of September, it seemed like an appropriate way to say goodbye to the hot Summer days and welcome the crisp, fresh Autumn air. I don’t remember the last time it rained like this, so heavy you can barely see through the rain drops. Maybe it has been years since our desert city has seen this much rain. At least since before we really started feeling the effects of climate change.

I can still remember rainy days in my childhood when the sky darkened and the thunder made our windows rattle in fear. I have always loved the rain. So, I would sit quietly and eat my bowl of fruit loops while my family dashed this way and that, trying to keep the water coming from our leaking roof from making a mess.

It also wouldn’t be the rainy season without my grandma scolding us for having any electrical appliances on. She was dead scared of thunder and lightning and would make us turn everything off just in case. She would then tell us of a rainy day in her youth, exactly¬† like this one, in which lightning struck her house and burnt up her favorite clock. Whether this story was real or not, we still obeyed. And even today I found myself disconnecting my new computer from the outlet, you know . . . just in case.

The rainfall certainly brought back a lot of memories for me, but also a lot of good energy. I do believe that nature has the power to change our energy, to change how we feel. This rain today feels to me like a cleanse. Washing away any bad energies, problems, or insecurities, and letting you start a new season refreshed. Now that we are entering the final third of the year, I feel re-energized once again. So many goals and plans to conquer before the year ends! Plus, I always feel excited when Autumn rolls along. It is my favorite season after all!

So, to end this short and random blog post, I really hope that this start of a new month brings you as much good energy as it did to me. And that you will accomplish all of your endeavors on this final leg of the year!



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