As a pet lover and helicopter parent to a curious kitty, I recently made a purchase to facilitate my need to take my cat everywhere I go. Maybe not everywhere, but at least to any road trips or vacations we might plan. After owning two side carriers, and being inflicted with one random shoulder injury, I  searched for a backpack carrier. Something that would free my hands and would let me carry Sophie (my cat) without putting all the weight on one shoulder. I searched on Amazon and compared many listings and reviews until I finally settled for the Pet Gear I-Go2 Traveler carrier.

I-Go2 Traveler Pet CarrierThis carrier is a lot more different that the carriers I owned before. First of all, it is surprisingly quite spacious! The box it came in  gives the measurements of 11.4″L x 16″W x 17″H . Plus it has zippers on both sides that when opened, expand the carrier about 3 more inches. For the sake of this review, I measured my cat and she is 15 inches in height when standing or sitting. Once she was inside she could actually stand up completely and move around freely. In her last carrier she was squatting down most of the time and had barely enough wiggle room.

The extra space was also quite helpful when carrying her toys or a small treat box. The carrier comes with two side pockets to store your belongings in. They aren’t too big, but are able to carry treats, a harness, or even your phone. Moreover, the space inside with your kitty is large enough that you can fit a blanket and some toys in. This was especially good for me because Sophie likes having her blanket to hide under.I-Go2 Traveler Pet Carrier

The first trip I took the I-Go2 Traveler to was a camping trip, which was a perfect way to test its durability. A lot of things can happen during a camping trip and it can get very messy. Not to mention your once calm cat can get quite fussy, which was the case with Sophie. During our drive she started clawing at the mesh of the carrier. Who can blame her though, we had been on the road for hours. .  . Thankfully, the mesh never tore, contrary to my fears. Sophie was also quite secure inside because of two tethers that attached to her harness. This way I could open up the entrance to give her fresh air without worrying about her jumping out and scurrying away somewhere.

We went on many adventures on that trip and carrying Sophie became much easier to do. I-Go2 Traveler Pet CarrierThe carrier has three ways it can be used: as a tote, a backpack, or a roller bag. The backpack was by far the easiest way and my favorite choice. However, I didn’t like the tote mode. The bag is already a bit heavier than other carriers. Then with the added weight of my cat, it became too strenuous on my shoulders. The other option is to use the carrier as a roller bag. It probably seems like the easiest choice, however, I didn’t like tilting Sophie sideways like that. She seemed the most uncomfortable this way.

When I said before that it could get messy, it most certainly did. There was sand and dirt and cat hair everywhere, plus the carrier got muddied a couple of times. Thankfully, it was easy to clean. I spot cleaned it and everything went back to its original messy-free version. My only complaint was that the removable comfort pad was of the type of material to have all the cat hair attach to it. It gathered SO much hair and dust that it was pretty hard to clean out. Well, at least there wasn’t cat hair flying around! 😉

Overall, the I-Go2 Traveler met and surpassed my expectations. My cat, Sophie, was quite happy in her new carrier and even chose to stay in it and use it simply as a cozy hideaway. I believe that what made her the most comfortable in this case, was the fact that there was so much room for her to move around in. Because it is well ventilated but private at the same time, she was able to relax inside it. If you plan on taking your pet with you on a road trip or simply to get some fresh air at a park, then I really recommend this carrier.~

*Disclaimer: I am not being payed to review this item nor am I affiliated to this company. The views expressed are strictly my own as a consumer.

Sophie in I-Go2 Traveler

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