Making a little extra money from home can really come in handy. Nowadays we get bombarded with so many fees and bills left and right that we really do need as much help as we can get. Whether it is to buy the book you need for class, pay your Netflix subscription, or save for a night out- here are five easy ways to make extra pocket money every month.

 1. Become a Book Reviewer

Online Book Club

If you are an absolute bookworm like me and would rather spend the evenings cozying  up with a good book, why not earn money while doing this? A couple of years ago, I discovered I could do just this. One quick search online led me to . The process is pretty simple. You make an account and write five posts in the forums, after which you are free to join the Review Team. Of course don’t expect to get rich out of doing this. Each book can offer a payout of anywhere between $5-$60. As you establish yourself as a reviewer, you will get the chance to review books with a higher payout

I did this small side job for a while and I can honestly say it was a lot of fun for me. I had the chance to read so many books from different genres, all of which I got for free. And participating in the forums with other book lovers was a great plus.


2. Take Online Surveys

Quest Mindshare

This one is easily the most common way out there in the interwebs to make an extra dollar or two. It is also the most notorious one for having people spend an ungodly amount of time on a survey just to get 50 measly cents. So, why am I adding this to the list? Because, after spending so much time being rejected from survey after survey, I found one website that actually pays well for my time. works a bit different from what I was used to. When you sign up, you fill out a questionnaire about yourself. They ask you anything from what state you live in, to your hobbies and medical ailments. All of this helps them offer you surveys that are more relevant to you, making the rate of rejection much lower. You also don’t need to spend time on their website scavenging for surveys yourself. Whenever they have a survey opportunity, they send you an email with a link you follow to fill out your survey.

It is that simple! But wait, I almost forgot the most important part: your payout. Each survey offers an adequate amount for the time you will be spending on it. There are surveys that take you 5 minutes and pay you 50 cents, but also ones that are 20 minutes and pay you $2. It all depends which ones you qualify for. In my experience, I have filled out surveys that pay $5! Once you accumulate $10 in your account, you can choose to redeem your rewards. This step is also very simple.  No more waiting for a check in the mail! Quest Mindshare transfers your money to your PayPal account where you can access it quickly.


3.  Sell Your Books

Book Scouter

Being an avid reader has left me with a plethora of books and no space to put them in. So, I figured I better make extra cash on the books I no longer need. You know. . . .so, I can then buy more books. . is a very useful tool for this. When you enter the site, a search box will ask for the book’s ISBN. This in turn will give you a list of potential buyers starting with the highest payout. Based on these results, you choose who you want to sell your book to and follow directions according to each buyer.

My favorite buyer that I discovered on Book Scouter is With them I got more money for my books and my shipping was payed for by them. They also payed me via PayPal, but you have the option of getting a check as well.


4. Online Selling

Many websites have now made it possible to sell anything you want online. You can choose to sell those clothes that have been hanging in the closet forever, or maybe a painting you made or even a graphic template. Whether it is something new or used, or something you made with your own hands, someone out there will want to buy it!

Start first by joining local Yard Sale groups on facebook. There you will be able to connect with people in your area that are potential buyers or that might even be willing to trade.

Facebook Yard Sale

Ebay and Amazon are obvious choices when it comes to selling online. And now they will even take care of the packaging and shipping for you if you choose to sell more often as a business.

Are you a creator? Websites like Etsy have made it possible for creators to sell any of their work. More specifically,  if you are a photographer, there are also places like,, and that let you sell your photography.


5.  If You Have and Online Following:

If you have a big following on any social media site or a lot of traffic to your blog, having an eStore or Affiliates will really help you get in extra money.

For example, if you are an influencer in fashion or beauty, there are brands that with joining, will give you your own eStore where you can sell their products from. You can earn commissions for everything you sell, plus there are brands that reward you with special products and even luxury travel trips.  Having an eStore is also a step towards starting your own small business. Just a quick search online will turn up many people who are now living completely off of what they make from their websites. A few of these brands include Avon, Mary Kay, and Jafra.

Amazon Affiliates and Ebay Partner Network are probably the go-to affiliate programs for anyone with a website or blog. Both will let you share links to products and will pay you a commission if that product sells.

Ebay Partner Network




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