One of the things I love the most about Autumn is the colors. They seem a lot more Leaf and Flower Pressing | Autumn Colorsbeautiful to me than anything I might come across in Spring or Summer. And now that I have been wondering around outdoors I really wanted to preserve some of those vibrant colors via flower and leaf pressing. Unfortunately, where I live we don’t have maple trees shedding brilliant orange or crimson leaves. Instead I settled for buying a bouquet of Fall colored flowers.  I would pick them myself, but everything here is still either green or dry, which is not what I was looking for for this project.

One quick search online yielded a few ways to press flowers. Of course, I have been known to keep flowers (and even a dead butterfly once as a child) safely between the pages of my books. This way does work very nicely, but I wanted something that would allow me to later hang these flowers in a frame. This is why I opted for pressing flowers with a hammer instead. It is a very simple procedure and I really loved the outcome the first time I tried it out, so here I am sharing it with you.

You Will Need:

Flower Pressing Tools


  1. Layer your sheets of scrap paper on a hard work surface with a sheet of watercolor paper on top of them. (This will prevent the liquids from the flowers or leaves to seep through to where you are working on.) Cut the stems of the leaves and flowers to a desired length. Then arrange the flowers & leaves on the watercolor paper in whatever design you prefer. Arranged Flowers
  2. Add layers of paper towels on top of the flowers being careful not to move them too much. Gently press these down and hold the papers steady while you work. Using a hammer, gently tap the surface of the paper towel until all the flowers are flat. Remove a few paper towels and continue hammering down the flowers and leaves.Layered Paper Towels
  3. Remove all the towels completely. Carefully remove the remnants of the flowers or leaves from the watercolor paper. Let the flower pressing air dry completely.
  4. Optional: Spray the flower pressing with clear acrylic coating spray to preserve it better.

    Pressed FlowersFinished


Flower Pressing



3 thoughts on “Leaf and Flower Pressing | Autumn Colors”

    1. You definitely have to try it out, they look very beautiful especially if you frame them up. To me they look a lot like watercolor paining. 🙂

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