This past month I have dived a bit more into photography in hopes of improving the images I share here on my blog. I have always loved to take photos, but I have never actually studied photography or taken any courses on it. As a blogger, I have come to know how important having a captivating image in each post is. It’s the first thing your readers see and it’s what draws the attention of anyone who stumbles upon your blog post. This is why I want to develop my skills more.

I am just beginning to learn, so my images are in no way at the level I want them to be. However, I am happy to have captured some very nice images at home and while traveling this past June. I wanted to share these with you here and develop a mini collection of sorts. Hopefully as time goes by and I add more photos, I will be able to see more improvement. 🙂

*Please do not remove the watermark or repost/share these images without proper credit and link to this page.

Road Trip to New Mexico


Cloudcroft New Mexico

Clean Eating - Granola & YogurtMoon PortraitDSCN5079




Camera Used: Nikon Coolpix L830


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