This week for our creative corner, we are making crochet coasters using an easy pattern for beginners. If you are wanting to practice your crocheting skills, this project will help you do just that while also helping you make some lovely additions to your coffee table.

  • Yarn in size “Super Bulky”
  • Crochet Hook Size K/10 1/2 – 6.5MM
  • Scissors

Crochet Coasters DIY | Pattern for Beginners



Growing up, I was always exposed to some kind of crochet and knitting. My family was very big on making blankets, scarves and hats, and thanks to my great aunt, super elaborate clothing for her baby Jesus. What I know about crocheting is really all thanks to my family. Unfortunately, when you learn like this, you aren’t always taught any “by the book” patterns or even stitch names. So, to make it easier for both me and you, I made this video which takes you step by step through the whole crochet coasters pattern. You don’t have to worry about knowing all the names of your stitches either. I really tried to break it down as much as possible so that someone who is just starting to crochet can easily follow.

I really liked making this type of video, so please let me know if the pace is good for you or if you would like me to go more in detail in future crocheting videos. I’ll be posting more projects  like this one later on, so your feedback is always appreciated!~

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