Happy Autumnal Equinox everyone! Fall is officially here and apart from the pumpkin spice lattes, we will finally be able to see the days getting shorter and the weather getting cooler. Today, I have a list for you of a few things that you can do to welcome Autumn.~

So, what is an Autumnal Equinox?

The equinox marks the moment our Sun crosses the celestial equator from North to South. Earth is usually slightly tilted on its axis, 23.5°, which makes the Northern and Southern hemispheres receive different amounts of sunlight throughout the year. However, during the equinox, the center of the sun aligns itself with the equator making our night and day about equal in length. This is why it is called an equinox, “equal night”. Autumnal Equinox: How to Welcome Autumn

Because of the balance of day and night, light and dark, many cultures, religions and traditions see it as a time of alignment and balance. It is not only a literal celebration of harvest and getting ready for Winter, but also a spiritual one. This is why in many places around the world, Fall is regarded as a time for gratitude and reflection.

What you can do to welcome Autumn:

  1. The start of the new season is a great reason to clear out what you no longer need. This means both physical and mental/spiritual clutter. Start by cleaning up your house and throwing away or donating what you no longer need. The cold days are coming, so it would be a good idea to donate old sweaters or jackets and blankets to those in need. Rearranging your furniture will also help you see things in a different perspective and give your home a new and refreshed feeling. To clear out your mental clutter, begin my making a list of what might be negative in your life, what you need to let go of. Every hardship we go through is a chance for us to learn something new about ourselves. So, go through your list and think of what important lessons you have learned from this. Finally, make a separate list of everything in your life you are grateful for. From the little things to the big things and everything else in between that brings you happiness.
  2. Bring good health with you into Fall by restoring your good habits. This means going out for a run or waking up early to do yoga. Anything that will keep your body active and that you might have strayed away from during the year. Harvest time is also a great time to eat delicious and healthy Fall fruits and vegetables. And to help your digestion, try cooking with more cinnamon, ginger, and cumin.
  3. Bring light and warmth into your home. Decorate your home with warm Autumn colors and bring a little bit of nature indoors. Personally, I love collecting pine cones and putting them up on shelves or bookcases. You can also make Fall themed wreaths or centerpieces, get creative with your decor. Because the days will be getting darker, decorate your home with Fall scented candles to bring both light and aroma into your home. One of my favorite things to do too is light incense. Warm scents like cinnamon, patchouli, or dark cherry are good scents to have this season.
  4. Meditate. Autumn is a time to reflect inwardly about our year so far. Taking the time to work on ourselves is especially important in restoring balance in our lives. Take some time in the morning or afternoon to sit quietly for at least 5 minutes. Let your mind rest from all the buzz that is usually inside it. For just this moment, don’t judge yourself and choose to feel happiness.
  5. Start cozying up and slowing down. In nature Autumn is a time to start slowing down. If you have pets you will notice they start getting their extra fur and are taking more naps than usual. For us, the busy Summer days are over and we can finally come indoors to rest. Finding time to relax is very important in conserving your energy. You don’t want to tire yourself with work or chores, especially since the end of the year tends to be the busiest time. Make a commitment to take time each day to drink your coffee, snuggle warmly, read, or just do anything you love doing!

These are just a few of the things you can do this Autumnal Equinox and throughout the season. If you have any traditions or rituals you do to welcome Autumn, please share them with us below!

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