My favorite season is almost here! We have not yet arrived at the Autumnal Equinox, butLearn how to make a beautiful Fall Wreath to decorate your home with Autumn colors.~ already the stores are filled with pumpkins, crimson leaves, and many other Fall decorations. Being the creative enthusiast that I am, I obviously needed to make something special to mark this new season. And what better way to celebrate this harvest time than with a Fall Wreath?

You see Autumn Wreaths everywhere online around this season. But, honestly, who can blame all the other creators? In my opinion, Fall Wreaths are the most beautiful wreaths you can make, so the more, the better!

For this project you will need several things that are easily accessible at your local crafts store or floral shop.

You Will Need:


  1. Weave the leaf vine around the wreath. Both ends of the vine should end up at the top, back section of the wreath. Twist the two ends together to secure in place. Move the leaves around so that they are facing the front of the wreath and are equally spaced. With your glue gun, you can fasten some leaves directly to the wreath so that they don’t move out of place.
  2. Next, mold the wire in the berry branches to form a curve. We are going to use these to frame the bottom center of the wreath with. Insert them directly into the wreath, then glue and secure in place.
  3. Between the two berry branches, at the bottom center, insert your center piece. If your center piece doesn’t have a wire simply glue it in place.  Otherwise, insert the wire into the wreath and fold it onto itself so that it wraps around the wreath.
  4. Next, plan out where you want your pine cones to be placed before gluing them down. I used three large pine cones to frame the center piece, then four smaller ones around the wreath. Make sure to glue the pine cones directly to the wreath and not to the leaves. Press each pine cone down after gluing, and hold for a few seconds. ( Leave space at the top center of the wreath for the bow. )
  5. For directions on how to make the bow and the hanger for the fall wreath, please watch the video from minute 3:37 onward.


Fall Wreath DIY

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