One of my favorite things to decorate my home with is candles! As a result I always have Autumn Decor | Candle Holders DIYseveral glass candle holders left over. Because we are currently transforming our house into Fall heaven, I decided to reuse them and give them an Autumn makeover.

I wanted to make something easy, but that looks rustic or even magical when a candle is lit. This is why I opted for using gold tones and leaf silhouettes. The finished product looked amazing at night! It really filled my rooms with the romantic Fall mood that I was looking for.~



For this project you will need:

Extra Tools:

  • Tape
  • Small Sponge



  1. Trace small leaves of different shapes and sizes on regular paper and cut them out. If you need a stencil, you can use this one:        Leaf Stencil
  2. Place a little bit of tape on the back of each leaf and press them onto the candle holder in any pattern you choose.
  3. Then, with then sponge, coat the outside of the glass with the gold metallic paint. Let stand 5 minutes, then add a second coat. ( Be careful when applying the paint around the leaves so that they don’t fold in. ) Let dry completely. Gently remove the leaf cutouts.
  4. Now add a coat of the glitter paint, being careful not to paint over the leaf silhouettes.
  5. Finally, let the glass holder air dry completely. Your holder is now ready to use, so add your candle!


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