The Sweetest Journey is about being able to express your creative self through any passion like cooking, crafting, DIY-ing, etc. Every week we share new creative projects that everyone can try out at home. Whether it is in the kitchen making a delicious meal, or in the family room finishing up a DIY home decor piece, we hope to be able to share this creative journey with you.~

About the Creator

Hi, everyone! My name is Airam Velarde and I am the founder and content creator here at The Sweetest Journey. I first started this blog and YouTube channel as a creative output and means of recording my journey. At that time, I had started a home baking business and so, most of my content was food centered. Of course I was born and raised a foodie! However, I soon came to incorporate a lot of my passions and hobbies into what now became my work.

Growing up I have always loved to work with my hands. This meant crafting, painting/drawing, baking, photography, and anything that I could take, rearrange, and make into something completely different. Most of, if not all, of what I do is self-taught, although I have taken a few art and cooking classes when they piqued my interest.~ I am, of course, no expert in everything! I am always trying to learn more and to grow, so that I will be able to share better content with you.

My Inspiration~

My inspiration whenever I create something is other creators. I absolutely love watching everyone at work and creating something amazing! I always get a rush from seeing anything like cooking shows, speed painting videos, DIY channels. . . I immediately start thinking about how I can make this too even if I might not have any of the materials or expertise. I hope that someday, I can also reach someone like that and inspire them a little to start exploring, creating, and using their imagination.

I hope you enjoy your stay here with us! Be sure and check back every week for new updates on recipes, how-to’s, and much more.~ Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel for new creative videos throughout the week!

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