A new year just started and already there are plenty of challenges out there for us to accomplish. Personally, I always look forward to reading (and Food 😉 ) challenges the most. I have always been a huge bookworm and have been often labeled with titles such as “The Walking Encyclopedia” and “The Walking Dictionary” for this reason. In school I, like everyone else, would read assigned books, but you could often find me sneaking in one or two (or 5) books extra. This obsessive reading behavior has continued into adulthood and I can easily bury my nose in a book and not come up for air until the last sentence is read. This year, I hope to rub a bit of my nerdness off onto you all, which is why I have decided to share with you Popsugar’s 2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge! You can find the original post here.

If you need a way to keep track of the books you will read this year, I suggest heading over to OnlineBookClub.org where they have a very useful shelves app that lets you do just this.



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